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Driving Jagoffs

More Video of Jagoff Drivers In Action

We featured DashCam Guy a few weeks ago and here’s another version.We stumbled across this awesome Honorary Jagoff Catcher who promises to post one of these every month.  This guy has a dashboard camera and has caught a bunch of Pittsburgh area drivers in action.   Hopefully you don’t see yourself in this video.  We’re not in it EITHER, thank God!

DashCam Guy promises to produce a new video every month.  We are now up-to-date and waiting for his January episode.  Click HERE to subscribe to his YouTube Channel.  But be assured that WE will keep you up to date on Dashcam Guy’s posts.

So to sum up what you saw in the video, the “Right Turn Only” lane means, “Right Turn ONLY.”  “Road Closed” especially with a cop standing there means, ROAD CLOSED!   Talking on your cell phone vs. paying attention to the cars coming at you as you cut out in front of them in the rain is bad.  Aaaaaaaaaand, our favorite from this video, there is no sneaking up the “Right Turn Only” lane then pulling in front of 1 car instead of BEHIND that car, Ya Jagoff!!!

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