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Indulge in Millie’s North Park: Smiley Cookies, Trail Mix Ice Cream, and More

Nothing says opening day at Millie’s North Park like Eat N’ Park Smiley Cookies, a dog named Millie, and families showing up to indulge in their favorite Millie’s flavor.
Moving forward, Millie’s NP will have the Trail Mix ice cream that will be exclusive to the North Park location.

It includes Chad’s Vanilla with peanut butter, pretzels, and M&Ms. The best part of the trail overall!  The new location will be cycling through the other flavors that Millie’s will house, as well as offer a cold brew shake.  Java mouths will water for this shake which includes coffee break ice cream, dairy of choice, cold brew coffee, chocolate chips and whipped cream.

Ice cream not your thing?

They will also have chocolate milk, Smiley cookies, Red Ribbon sodas, Cold Brew from Mechanic Coffee in Verona, and Hot Coffee.

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