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I believe that the golden arches call people by name. Whether smitten with the new chicken sammies, the OG Big Mac or addicted to some of the best fries everrrrrrr, it is not easy to pass up a McDonald’s. But this traffic blocker was a little excessive.

The person who made a sharp right turn blocking people on McKnight Road to get the Mickey D’s fix begs the question what would you do for a taste of something at the golden arches. It also puts to rest the north /south debate of what road is worse, McKnight or Route 51.  Depends on who you ask and where you are from, but necessary to mention McKnight (mare) Rd. when there are not one but two McDonald’s to tempt.

To be fair, there is a Mickey D’s on Route 51 but never did we spot a three lane change to get through the drive through. Yet again, if you are hungry, or you see a manageable line, you head for the arches. You hum bada bum bum bum, and you do what you need to do in traffic to make it all happen.  If anyone understand this, it is  me.  John Chamberlin is a Mickey D’s junkie and when a craving occurs, I get ready.  I will admit I never saw John cross multiple lanes to snag a fry bag, but the hangriness is real.  Enjoy the arches, just sensibly drive there, ya jagoff!

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