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McKnightmare Road Crossing

Stop at the light, look both ways, look both ways again.

Sitting at a stoplight in the rain, that nursery rhyme was going through my head…look both ways again…doo doo doo.

I watched the traffic pattern on the bustling McKnight Road and saw a person preparing to cross it and I thought noooo, that person is not going to do it. I mean I would not. But, yep, that person in old-school frogger style walked across THE McKnight(mare) Road, necessarily pausing as cars continued to swerve around. I had hot flashes watching remembering the old Atari game and kind of living it.

I also had to chuckle.  It was raining, the crosser had on a jacket with a hood, an umbrella, good sneakers…all of the preparation for weathering the rain.  But why attempt crossing McKnight Road, ya Jagoff!

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard

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