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Man Attempts to Steal Police Car With Chin

man attempts to steal police car with chin

My man!!

Well, let’s say it THIS way, my man has a bit of a felony history with the po-po. Recently, he crashed into an off-duty police car late at night. When the on-duty police came along to take a report, the handcuffed him and, somehow, he ended up getting into the front of a police car and, while handcuffed, ALLEGEDLY, tried to drive the police car away by using his CHIN!!! See full story on

We’ve heard of chin music but never chin driving!

My man!!  Love the creativity but sometimes, as our friend Martylin might say, it’s better to just stay in your box! Like, just take the basic DUI arrest and don’t go that extra mile… with your chin… Ya Jagoff!

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