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Driving Jagoffs

We Made a Late Night Move!

Mattress on top of car


The pic above has been waiting for this day.. or NIGHT.. as you might say!  Check out may man driving around late at night with mattress and box springs on the top of the car.

And, then, check out our new sharpy-dougans website here!!  Yeah buddy!  Hopefully you can find the blogs, the videos and the podcasts easier.

Different than the mattress haulin’ dude, our man TJ did not have to drive around with his laptop on the roof of his car, with his arm out the driver’s window, holding on to it with a death grip to get this new website to where it needed to be! Oh, he toiled and listened to me whine like a sissy for months! But no mattress-moving level stuff!

So take a look around the new website. Make sure that you get on our email list if you haven’t already.

In the meantime, to the dude hauling mattresses on the top of your car, EVERYONE in Pittsburgh is only 2 or 3 steps removed from a borrowed pick-up truck!  You don’t know anyone?  Not even your Candy Crush friends on Facebook? Hell, lie like everyone else that moves lies! Tell your one friend that you have 10-15 people coming over to help move you and then, when they arrive, give that one-person, that you actually KNEW was coming, that look like… “Wow! I can’t believe everyone bagged me for the move! It’s just me and you but I will make a few phone calls while you tear apart the bunk beds!

I mean, if nothing else, after spending big bucks on your mattress and box springs, just go ahead and pay the extra $35 to get the delivery… Ya Jagoff!