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Construction Jagoffs

How Long Does it Take to Screw Up a Brand New Road?

I’ve seen it time and time again.  A road gets a nice new paving… some new lines…and looks all sharpy-doogans! And, when I see that, I always wonder, “How long before some utility company or other maintenance crew comes to dig some kind of hole in it and patch it with the skills of a 3-year old, blind plastic surgeon working with dried out Silly Putty?”  Sure.. emergencies happen but….I’m not referring to water line, gas line breaks, etc.

Case in point: West Carson Street from McKees Rocks to the West End.  It was supposed to be under construction for 2 years. Total overhaul.  They dug the thing down to the earth’s core almost. Then they had issues so it took them an extra year.  Finally, the road opened in August 2016.

Then… it happened.  Last week… crews were back jack-hammering all of the sewer lids… slightly 8 months from being completed… they’re now jackin’ up the concrete! Will they get it even? Will the texture match? Will this eventually be a pot-hole? Is this the start of the brand new West Carson Street starting to back to looking as rough as the face of a puberty-peaking 15-year old kid on a diet of Pepsi and potato chips.

Can’t someone use a Google Calendar or App to plan these things WHILE the other peeps are already digging stuff up, Yaaaaaaaa Jaaaaaagofffs?

Thanks to Jeff B and Georgie D for the pic and for being Honorary Jagoff Catchers.

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