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Life is a Precious Gift! Celebrate!

Today’s blog post written by Rachael Rennebeck

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For some it’s Passover, a celebration that begins at sundown. For Christians like myself it marks Good Friday and is notorious for being gloomy and dark. While the sun will have no impact on either celebration today, in my world it is the biggest celebration of life and it is as bright as a solar eclipse.

My mother was given a second chance at life thanks to a liver donor. One brave and selfless soul with no family ties offered to save my mother’s life with a piece of her liver. The only outcome was to benefit another living being.

This is the ultimate sacrifice and how indicative of holy week? The surgery could not have gone better for both brave women and today, April 19, on this gloomy and dreary holy day, my faith in people, humanity in general, and miracles is reaffirmed. My admiration for the medical field, and every day people has improved leaps and bounds.

Our most sincere appreciation for anyone who thought of our family, wished us well, said a prayer, sent a text, mentioned us on social media, lead a prayer group, made a meal, or contributed in anyway. I am overwhelmed with peace and joy because of you reading this. Just wanted to spread my family Sunshine. Life is a precious gift! Celebrate! 

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