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Libations Winery YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoff Podcast

#YaJagoffPodcast: Good, Good, Good.. Good Libations!

June 27, 2023

Summary:We went to a winery sooooo, why not take a sommelier in training, an entertainment reporter and have one of the winery’s favorite musicians with us to hang with the owner!  Thanks to Mike Chutz, Scott Tady of the Beaver County Times and Kanika Rautji for sipping with us.. until it rained!!




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Since we’re at a winery, red, white or other?

(3:45) Bryan Rhodes, President at Libations Winery

Bryan hosts the Ya Jagoff Podcast this week. Bryan talks about the inception of LW and how his passion expanded into a destination winery filled with food, entertainment, live music, venues to rent and more. Find them at, on Facebook at Libations Winery and on Instagram at @LibationWine


(14:33) Mike Chutz

Mike talks about starting off as a musician in school then he quit to become a lawyer, and a businessman. Then one drunk night, he got back into music. It was a little rocky at first but he’s back playing shows. Mike has a new album coming out next week so find that on all streaming platforms and find out where he’ll be next at

(26:15) Scott Tady from Beaver County Times

Scott covers the vibrant regional entertainment scene for The BC Times…a job he’s been rocking since 1997. In 2021, he also began covering Beaver Valley’s dining and craft libations. Scott stops by to tell us about all the great things happening in Beaver County and surrounding areas. Catch up with everything he’s doing at, Twitter: @ScottTady and Instagram: @ScottTady

(38:39) Kanika Rautji, @ThatCurrySmell

Kanika stops in to tell us about her new big venture into wine. She has started her own wine business along with a new Instagram handle @theindiansomm. She tells John & Rachael about the process of wine education and her experience and difficulty as a dipWSET candidate. Kanika got into this new venture because she wanted all of the Indian culture and cuisine to be mixed with wine. She’s very much the unpretentious wine educator so follow her to get all the correct wine information and info on upcoming tastings @TheIndianSomm on Instagram

 Thanks Peoples Natural Gas!

Make sure you call 811 before you dig!!!!