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Kristen’s Tour of Lower Burrell

Lower Burrell sweeties

D’ja know that YaJagoff has team members all over Western PA, including in the AK Valley! Kristen is originally from Lower Burrell, but is in the process of moving to Leechburg with her husband and dog. Meet Kristen and enjoy her ‘Where Ya At?’  



We have to start off in my hometown, Lower Burrell, with the best Italian food you can find and the most popular spot on the weekends! From the wedding soup to the traditional manicotti, you are getting authentic Italian cuisine with a “homey” feel. My personal favorite, the Raspberry Chicken. Breaded Chicken filled with a cheese and spinach stuffing, and topped off with raspberry sauce. PERFECTION! 




It’s time to head across the river to the best pizza in the AK Valley.. J&S! Family owned and operated, and right from Italy, you’re getting the real deal when it comes to their “ZA”. Personally, I go with the classic pepperoni or bruschetta, but if you’re feeling frisky, they do have taco pizza or even spaghetti pizza! Again, straight from Italy! It’s also the only pizza I would eat as a child, so KID APPROVED! 



Seita Jewlers Lower Burrell

Ready to take a break from eating? Let’s go jewelry shopping! Keeping up with the family owned and operated businesses, we have Seita Jewelers in Tarentum. They have been open since 1951, and are in their third generation of family running the store. They give back to the community anyway they can and are a staple to the AK Valley. You best believe you will always find the most unique pieces of jewelry there too!  


G&G Restaurant: 


Still hungry? Let’s head up to Vandergrift for the most important meal of the day.. BREAKFAST! By far, the BEST spot to get breakfast (or lunch).. G&G Restaurant. Get ready to wait on the weekend, but it’s so worth the wait with weekly specials like Cannoli Pancakes or Bananas Foster Waffles, you are always in for a delicious treat with the warmest reception. It’s like Cheers, minus the alcohol, but even better. Did I mention family owned and operated? If you haven’t noticed, I like that about the AK Valley!  



 Lower Burrell sweeties


And finally, you can’t end your trip without getting ICE CREAM! This is my dog’s favorite part of the day (Yes, they have pup cups!) at Sweetie’s in Leechburg. I’ve never gotten the same thing twice. With 33 different ice cream flavors, I feel the need to try them all! This doesn’t even include sundaes and all of the other dessert options they have! Cinnamon Bun has been my favorite so far, but Birthday Bash is pretty close up there too. They close for the winter months, so you gotta load up while they’re open! 

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the AK Valley & hope to see you soon at one of my favorite local spots!  



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