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Kelly O’s INCREDIBLE Raisin Bread

Kelly O's Raisin Bread

We always say that this #JeetJet column is not for food reviews. We want it to be filled with recipes from your family, or you or something that tells a unique Pittsburghy kind of story but….. we’re breaking the rule this week. We’re talking about the unbelievably tasty, thick, buttery, sweet, yummy made-in-store raisin bread at Kelly O’s Diner!

We stopped by for a quick breakfast at the Kelly O’s in Warrendale.  As part of the normal process, we ordered the Mancini’s Italian bread toast because.. well.. who DOESN’T order Mancini’s Italian bread toast when it’s available.

Our server said, “have you ever tried our homemade raisin bread?” Never have we ever had their raisin bread so we ordered it as a side.  I mean, it’s kind of sacrilegious to NOT order Mancini’s so we doubled up and just figured we would walk 4 extra miles some time this week to work off the extra carbs.

The pic is the raisin bread… as we said earlier… cut thick, tons of butter, sweet, fresh and.. .if you ask us… HEALTHY because raisins are good for ya!

Sooo.. if you go to Kelly O’s Diner.. order the Mancini’s Italian bread and then… order some of that awesome raisin bread.  You will NOT be said about the extra carbs!


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