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Just Outside of the Foul Pole – Parking Jag

bad parking jagoffs

Yeah.. it was as bad as the photo looks. It’s not just about the angle of the pic.

This car was a good 4 feet over what would be the imaginary line and into the driving lane. On the front side of the car, there was the same amount of space in between the grill and the car in the space directly opposite.

Sometimes we get mad when the big honkin’ pickups have extended hitches that stick out at a parking lot just waiting for you and your drunken-stumbling shinbone to walk right into it.  This.. is different. We see you car. We see you acting like you wanna twerk but…’re blocking the pathway.  It seems like your driver doesn’t know how to judge the car sized whatsoever.

Someone learn how to pull your vehicle all the way into the spot… Ya Jagoffs!

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