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Driving Jagoffs

Junk Trunk Jagoffery

When you’re eating pizza, you stuff your gut and your face until you can’t stuff any more.  Same with ice cream, keep stuffing it. Oh, and same with your vacation suitcase (unless you’re headed to a nude ranch), stuff as many shoes, clothes and undies into that suitcase as possible.

Well, this is what happens when the pizza-stuffing-guy moves furniture!  And look at the stellar webbing job he did tying it all together. Something that would make a black widow spider proud!

Dude, your Tetris skills need to be severely improved! You clearly are not a dad because you have no idea how to “dad pack” a vehicle! Are you actually on your way to a pop-up porch project?

Keep on driving and pull that ENTIRE truck into the metal melter. With that weight, you should be able to, at least, get a Smart Car that you can carry mattresses on top of by holding them with one arm while you’re driving Ya Jagoff!

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