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John Chamberlin Stay Away from Parkway East

Parkway East Shut Down Pittsburgh podcast

We have already had to go from three lanes to one on the Parkway East, since the reconstruction of the Parkway East bridge over Old William Penn Highway. Now there needs to be some concrete work done, requiring more closures, slowdowns, and that just brings angry drivers.

Starting tonight at 9 p.m, the outbound lanes will become a single lane due to the concrete laying. But that requires adequate weather, so we technically don’t know if we will be regular mad while driving or jagoff road rage mad. The good news is there is a meeting this afternoon to learn if the weather will play a part in the closure.

So we simply warn you to stay away from 376 this weekend, well, and in the future depending on today’s decision. So just prepare to be mad while driving 376 until the lanes re-open. We don’t know when that will be. It could be worse, this could be happening on route 28, ya jagoff!

Thanks to John Shumway for the story on KDKA found here.


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