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Jagoffs That Never Leave the 3rd Grade

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As many of you know, every day we post a Question of the Day to our YaJagoff Facebook page.  Sometimes, we see a few angry people, sometimes we see a clown that thinks they’re keyboard comedian but…

This is one of those keyboard comedians. Guessing this is the same person that tries to be the funny-fan at the Pens, Steelers or Pirates games trying to yell funny stuff to get the crowd’s attention. It’s funny for the first couple and then everyone wants them to sit down and shut up!

A “your mom” joke at your age?  And then to double down and say, “Well, it’s the 2024 and it’s the internet!”  Yep… you’re exactly what’s wrong with the internet. Hope you enjoy your continued living in the 3rd grade with your friends, Dick Hertz, Harry P. Ness and Ben Dover.  We’re sure you buds at the bar think you’re funny but you revealed your ignorance on this post, Ya Jagoff!

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