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Jagoff Petition Update

Hey there everyone. Just a quick update on the petition.

For some reason the petition page always says “11′ people signed the petition. I have heard from a number of people about this. Since I am a technical idiot, I have no idea why this is. But I wanted to let you know that, as of today, we have just under 1500 signatures with a couple of weeks to go.

Thanks to all of you for your support and thanks to Pittsburgh Dad (Curt and Chris), Captain Wild Bill and Mayor Peduto for lending their sense of humor to the campaign. The Mayor caught a little bit of “hate” from people that said he needed to understand priorities of his office but, most of them didn’t read the full stories about this being a fundraiser.

Also, be sure to give the folks at 3 Guys Optical some love on Twitter and Facebook. They are the ones gracious to give $1 per signature to The Pittsburgh Emergency Medicine Foundation.

One final thing, thanks to The Food Tasters website for having our petition on their site and continued sharing!  Make sure you visit their page.

By the way, the Mayor did a fantastic explanation on WESA the other day. Follow this link to click on the radio show recording. He talks about the petition at about the 33 minute mark.

Please continue sharing the petition and have a great weekend.  If you are going to the Pittsburgh Juicefest tomorrow (Saturday), I will see you there. Some how I am a judge for healthy drinks!

Place a comment below before midnight EST today and you will be eligible to win the above Letang photo.


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