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This Jagoff Move Even ‘Bugs’ Floridians

The best kind of yinzer? The ones who leave the Burgh and still notice those creating jagoffery…and calling them aht!

This week, Becky, a former Northside and Bellevue resident, went to her local grocer minding her own biz and shopping. She was then bit by the buggy bug…say that fast a few times. She spotted the lazy shopper who could not take a few more steps and properly get the shopping cart back into the shopping cart area with all of the other shopping carts.  This is simple Sesame Street stuff people. One of these things is not like the others. Match where the others are and do; repeat.  It is context clues. It is simple common sense.

While us ‘Burgh yinzers are glad it is NOT just us who see the buggy beef happening elsewhere, we feel your yinzer buggy pain, Becky. Just park the buggy correctly, ya jagoff!

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