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Weather Related Jagoffs

Jagoff Blog Post That Will Beat the Heat (And Floods)

Well, clearly it’s been a little toasty around here. So hot and humid that localized thunderstorms are more erratic than the Pittsburgh Pirates hitting.  Some of the thunderstorms have been so “torrential” that we think that the Mother Nature thinks that THIS week is the Three Rivers Arts Festival.  So we thought this was a great post to change things up!

This cracks us up because, CLEARLY, the thought process of this driver is, “I only need the FRONT window to drive!”  Haaaa.. yes.. and that thingy hanging in the middle of your windshield is indeed a Check-your-make-up-or-Mando-mousse-or-Squeeze-Some-zits-while-at-a-redlight mirror.

FYI, it is the law that in Pennsylvania you have to clean the snow off your car!  Ya know, it’s another one of those People-Don’t-Have-Enough-Common-Sense-So-We-Need-a-Law laws!!!

We hope that this helps everyone cool off and get their mind off of the rain.

In the meantime, for this driver, maybe you’re one of those people that, no matter how much snow is on the car, you NEVER brush it, you simply turn the defrosters on high for an hour-and-a-half.  You don’t even use the “Pittsburgh snow brush” which is tucking your hand up into your sweater sleeve and brushing the stuff off with your arm.   We have one question, how beautiful is that view out of the back window after the spring thaw?  Now that you have 2 windshields available, are you confused as to what part of the car is the front seat vs the back seat, Ya Jagoff?

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