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Jaggin Around With…

Jaggin’ Around With… 3 Awesome A.W. Beattie Career Center Students

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The “Caring Cabinet” helps peers in need Any struggling student in need of grab-and-go toiletries, food and drinks, and any other supplies that we believe will help them can use the Caring Cabinet. It is a self-constructed cabinet filled with necessities to help the less fortunate students attending A.W. Beattie Career Center (AWBCC) school. Also, the Caring Cabinet will be in AWBCC’s Dean of Students’ office to avoid any judgement the students might face if it was out in the open. It is the team’s wish to improve the home life of any student that might even slightly need their help.
The “Caring Cabinet” team: Malea O’Neill leads in designing our logo, implementing surveys, and overall, setting up our brand; Tanner Mayne constructs the cabinet and contributes to gathering supplies; and Billy Schaeffer writes donation letters to send to local businesses, essentially bringing in funds. One of the founding principles is to “help students who are struggling”. The team has found a problem in the community, with children coming to school hungry, thirsty, or just plainly in need of aid. They want to create a “better overall environment for kids” to allow them to live their life to the fullest. The Caring Cabinet includes three students committed to helping those around them.
Additionally, this project will be presented at the state-wide SkillsUSA competition in early April. SkillsUSA is an organization dedicated to empowering students, guiding them in their journey into becoming successful, skillful leaders and members of society. At this state competition, Malea, Tanner, and Billy will discuss how the Caring Cabinet has made a positive change in their school, motivating students to keep pushing, and helping those in need realize that help is out there. About Caring Cabinet Simply put, the Caring Cabinet is a newly developed community service initiative dedicated to the betterment of AWBCC’s attendees.
Anyone can grab and leave with a bag filled with the basic necessities needed to get through their week (hygiene products, unrefrigerated food, quick snacks, and simple drinks). Created in the early months of 2024, the team is confident that the Caring Cabinet will make the change needed in peoples’ lives to allow them to live even slightly happier, putting a smile on a frowning face and food in a hungry stomach.


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