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It’s National Spaghetti Day! Mangia!

A day late and a dollar (or a few) short of #NationalSpaghettiDay. But no one makes spaghetti better than my family….said every Italian ever from Sicilians to Venetians and all other Italians in between.  We showed the ravioli video during the holidays, but what happens to the excess dough? Depending on the texture and volume, we run it through the pasta maker for various types of noodles. 

The most preferred?


From la cucina de si Marie…our beloved aunt Marie, who passed away last spring, made ravs for holidays and Cousin Lisa would crank the leftover dough through the machine. 

Once the string-like dough is put through the machine, it lays to dry.  Sometimes the Italians freeze some of the excess because you never know who may come to dinner? 

Pay homage to the other Italian staple, the sauce. Depending on what region of Italy families derive determines the thickness of the family recipe and determines it to be labeled marinara (a thinner sauce) or gravy (thicker substance.) Buon Apetit!  Thanks Cosuin Lisa for the family photos! 

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