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Driving Jagoffs

Is This Car Yoga?

This came to us from our Facebook page.

By the way, you can always feel free to submit photos to us via our website at this link.

Talk about a relaxing drive … is this one of those new La-Z-Boy luxury vehicles?

Someone on Facebook asked, “How is this even possible?”  However, the question is, what is actually happening here?  Is this a haircut and blow-dry situation?  If the driver was barefoot, I’d say maybe they were trying to see a splinter or a thorn in the bottom of their foot.

Currently, our SJU (Special Jagoffs Unit) is investigating the Sewickley area, kind of the area where this photo was taken, to see if there are any new Drive Thru Toe Wash businesses and, if so, what the hot wax option gets ya.

All that I know is, if there’s a head on crash, the driver’s ankle AND knee are going to be in their ear.. which makes for an odd thing to use the Jaws of Life on.

Hey Amy-ankle….remember, the announcements at the Tunderbolt?  “Keep your arms and legs BEHIND the yellow line and INSIDE THE CAR at all times, Ya Jagoff!


Thanks to Robert Judge‎ for passing this pic along and being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher!

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