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Is This a Parking Jagoff?

West Mifflin #2 Volunteer Fire Company Jagoff

Well, we have certainly posted our share of bad parking situations but..this one is a first.  How does one get their big Lincoln Town Car up like that?  Is this a Pittsburgh Parking Chair joke?  Now we have the Pittsburgh Parking CAR to mark your spot?

Here’s what we read: The car allegedly accelerated rapidly in reverse, not sure why, and hit a guy wire.. those angled cables that secure telephone polls…and ran right up it …just like yesterday’s Western PA temperature that shot up to 87 degrees 2 days after snow and rain.

Dude or dudette… not sure how this happened but we are glad that you’re safe as per the news.  Thanks much for the entertaining photo… YaJagoff! (used in the term of endearment context)

Thanks to the West Mifflin #2 Volunteer Fire Company for the photo AND ESPECIALLY for making sure that nobody was seriously hurt!

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