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Driving Jagoffs

Is This A “Cart Rack” or a “Car Track??”

We received this photo with the following email:

Taken at the Moon Twp K-Mart parking lot. Apparently this jagoff thought that the cart return was a fine place to park his car. Hopefully his car is surrounded by buggies when he gets back.

Yeah.. so just in case you didn’t look at the photo at the top close enough, that driver pulled into what MIGHT mistakenly be thought of as a parking spot… at least until you realize, from the context clues of all of the buggies, that he/she really just pulled into a shopping cart rack!!!

We wonder if the driver made a mistake… interpreting a “Cart Rack” sign to read, “Car Track?”  Not so possible you say?  Well, what if the driver actually mistook the red device, in the picture, as some type of new-fangled-light-weight CAR WASH and therefore misreading the “Cart Rack” sign to read “Car Track” (referring to that belt thingy that pulls your car into the auto bath house.) Huh??  Hey, it’s no less Jagoffery than parking your car in a shopping cart rack!

The pic above is simply another perfect example of how some drivers are clueless and selfish in their driving prowess AND how distracted they are to the details of their environment as they exit their vehicle.   Clearly there are shopping carts where this driver left their car!

Wait!!  Here’s another thought….. maybe this is a special contest offered by the Aldi’s stores… you know, the store where the carts are chained together and it costs you a 25-cents to detach one and use it.  Maybe, JUST MAYBE, this car is actually chained to the shopping carts and there are special hidden cameras all around waiting to capture the next person that walks up with a quarter, and gets… wait… wait.. (I need my very bestest “Price Is Right” announcer voice) O.K .. back to it.. the next person that walks up and puts in their quarter gets (“Price Is Right” announcer voice)…………..a NEW CAR!!!!!!!

What we REALLY wonder is… if the person that parked the car is the type of person that walks their OWN shopping cart all the way back to the rack OR if they are the kind of LAZY person that walks half-way to the cart return area and then gives that thing a big strong shove right toward the corrall of unsuspecting, sleeping buggies, where it eventually BANGS off all of the carts in order to stop.

If it’s the latter, quite possibly, the driver put the car in neutral, ran along side of it, aimed it at this spot then SHOVED the car right into the spot.   If that’s all true Mr.-Rubber-Baby-Buggy-Buick-Bumper, we hope, when you go to drive your car home, it ends up having one of those wiggle-wheels, like on a shopping cart that irritates the @#$@ out of you the whole way home, Ya Jagoff!

Thanks to Honorary Jagoff Catcher Heidi Lang and her friend “Jen” for resisting ALL temptations to scratch, scrape, kick or bang this car’s doors with a shopping cart ….0r 2.. or 3 or.. whatever.  They did the RIGHT THING.. snapped a pic ad sent it to us!!!!!

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