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Is Someone Going To Empty The Garbage

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Computers are killing our society! Case in point? Emptying the trash is a phrase that means more than clearing your cookies or the little trash can thingy on your computer.  I mean, it’s even pretty clear where they got the “trash can icon” and the throwing-away process from!

But do we understand the concept of emptying the REAL trash in my house?  Nope!  Seems like we missed the whole garbage in, garbage out concept. It’s more like garbage in, garbage in, MORE garbage in until garbage is sticking out?  Even to the point that we carefully place a cereal box on the top of the garbage can like we place a loved one’s ashes on the mantle above our favorite fire place.

Hey.. the garbage needs to be emptied.  I’ll bet if I pointed to your “Find iPhone” app to the specific GPS coordinate to the bottom of the can you’d empty that thing, Ya Jagoffs!


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