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Indulge in a Five-Star Dining Experience at Home with Personal Chef Frank Tokach

Personal Chef Frank Tokach brings five-star cooking to your table, and the jags got to reserve a spot…and we didn’t even use parking chairs! 

Chef does the shopping, preparing, cooking, serving, and even cleaning up.  The tasting is completely yours. Our menu consisted of five courses and each deserving of a yinzer high five. 

We started with confit tomato ricotta bruschetta. We may call it a crostini with cheesy goodness,  but we wanted a double serving. 

Next, we had the best Caesar salad we had ever tried. Perhaps it was the parmesan croutons with preserved lemons? 

The greens were hot, but we needed something with more substance.  Next up was the Pancetta risotto, which was light, but delicious.

The fourth course was the meat.

Not just any, though, a cherry and Pinot Noir braised short rib plate with butternut potato hash. No words!  

As if those scrumptious dishes weren’t enough, Chef topped off the experience with Swiss chocolate crème brulee.   

The food was beyond our expectations, the company was divine, and thanks go to Jay Obertance and Ethan Atkins for introducing us to this bar none tableside experience.  


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