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If You Want to Cross at the Crosswalk, CROSS! Don’t Text!

Ok… ever heard of “scared straight?”

They were those shows that would take kids to the prisons and have the inmates yell in their faces to show them the error of their potential bad habits. (And they kinda maid me $H!t my pants just watching them on TV)

Well… we might need a scared straight version of crosswalk texters!

Scenario yesterday: I was driving at least 30mph down a street (acceptable speed limit for this road.) A guy pulled his car halfway into a parking spot along the curb facing the opposite way, got out of his car in a hurry and.. while looking down at his phone.. stepped right out in front of me.  I beeped…and….the dude’s shocked face was even more dramatic than someone hearing that Bob Nutting had just invested $148M into the Pittsburgh Pirates!

OK.. so maybe some of the walkers have headphones on and are jamming to some Usher or Ed Sheeran or even some old school Earth, Wind and Fire. We get it! But, focus here.

Listen.. I love texting. It’s one of the greatest forms of communication. Waaaaay better than voice mails.  But… if I let you cross in front of me, to be nice, OR even worse, if you randomly cross in front of me.. stop texting for 22 seconds and cross the street!

And to the guy that nearly jumped outta his stretchy pants yesterday… hope you’re scared straight.. hope you didn’t SHAT in your stretchy pants. Those bulging eyes, like the aaaaoooooga eyes on a cartoon, made my day. Cross the street with purpose… YaJagoff!

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