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Driving Jagoffs

I Do WHAT When I Hear A Siren?


Oh.. we have been waiting for forever to catch one of these.  We have seen it but never got a pic!!

I’m sure you have seen it… an emergency vehicle blows its siren… everyone pulls over to get out of the way and then there’s that ONE DRIVER……that thinks “Oh my! This is very nice of all of these people to move out of my way.  I think I’ll put my headphones on and be on my way!

Well, this guy drive THROUGH the intersection while everyone else, INCLUDING THE AMBULANCE WITH ITS LIGHTS AND SIRENS ON, stopped!!

Here’s the tweet that came in with this photo above.

My commute this AM, this guy didn’t stop for an ambulance on 65. Must have been an important phone convo.

Oh yeah… go ahead.. make your business deal.. order that breakfast…tell that secretary to get a memo out…. don’t worry about PAYING ATTENTION TO DRIVING.  My guess is, while you’re on the phone, ya probably forgot what that Turn Signal thingy does too, Ya Jagoff!!!!

Special thanks to Albert C for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher today!

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