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Huh What?


This picture was sooooooooooooooo exciting when it came in on Facebook yesterday, that it HAD to bump today’s regularly schedule post!

Yes!  This is BREAKING JAGOFF NEWS!  This just in!

This photo was posted with the following simple statement::

I think someone flunked math!

FACT!!!!  LOL.. a big community celebration is happening in the community of Bessemer, Lawrence County, Pa!!

Now, it’s hard for ME to try and pick on this because, as you know from reading these posts, typos are easy to miss. But, I’d have to think that, when we raise the 100-year celebration banner of 97 and a half years from now, I am PROBABLY going to have someone check over my work for typos… including the math!

But wait.. there’s that age old debate of, when you turn 1, are you really 1 or are you really 2 because you are starting your SECOND year of life?  Never mind.. that doesn’t work out as an alibi.

So does the sign mean, someone MISSED the the century celebration LAST year so they are making up for it THIS year?  OR does it mean that someone doesn’t know how to place 2012 and 100 into columns and just add down the columns?  (Our favorite Math teacher, Sister Anecita would NOT be proud!)


If you go to the Century Celebration Facebook page, you’ll see this shield….which says 1913-2013.




Surely there is some good story behind this but WE can’t figure it out.  Would love to hear from some Bessmer-er-ers including the sign painter (I’d certainly be double checking HIS/HER invoice for math mistakes!  But in the meantime, all that WE know is its great entertainment for the rest of us.  And the best news is, now all of you know about the Bessemer Centennial thanks to the mistake on the sign.

Congratulations on 100 OR 101 year Bessemer!!  Have fun at the celebrations!

Just gotta tell ya, thank GAWD nobody from your town is in charge of the  Today Show Willard Scott “Smuckers” 100 year-old Birthday segment, Ya Jagoffs!

Thanks to Mary Lou A. for being our Honorary Jagoff Catcher for today’s blog post!