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5k Jagoffs

How to NOT be a 5K Jagoff This SunDEE

5k Jagoffs Blog

On Sunday, October 13, 2019, Insulators Local 2 is raising awareness and promoting advocacy for Mesothelioma by inviting the community for its annual 5K walk and run at the North Park Boat House, 303 Pearce Mill Road, Allison Park, PA 15101,  from 9 a.m.- 12 p.mRegister as a team or as an individual, and help us further our commitment to battling Mesothelioma.

We want you to come and, in the meantime, here’s how to NOT be a jagoff:

  • Don’t exercise in jeans or jorts! We love everyone but, c’mon everyone has an old pair of paint sweat pants or shorts that you can throw on for this.
  • Leave your last 4, 5k bibs, at home. We don’t need to know your 5K history
  • If walking, don’t walk 19 people across chit-chatting and play “5k Roller Derby.” Everyone should have fun, chat it up, take your time, but.. for gawd sakes let the runners thru.
  • Don’t throw your bananner peals on the ground..especially if there’s a garbage bucket within 4 feet. You just walked/ran 16404.2 feet. You can walk 4 more!

Don’t STAY HOME! Come have fun with us raising money for Mesothelioma this SundDEE!



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