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How To Get a Pittsburgher To Watch The Coronation

King Charles Coronation Pittsburgh

Approximately 2 billion people will watch Charles’ coronation.  For perspective, more than 130 million people typically watch the NFL “Bg game: on that special Sunday in February.

Here are some YaJagoff thoughts on how to increase Pittsburgh viewership of the coronation:

  • Start a Fantasy Coronation League– choose the best 8 male celebrities who you believe will would be a better king
  • Produce a “pre-game” show with highlights of Charles’ pre-coronation party with his drinking buds – accenting highlights with a telestrator and Jay Caufield
  • Sideline cheerleading squads and large-bellied, drunk, hairy men that have their naked torso’s painted with “Go King!”
  • Intersperse NFL draft pick re-runs with coronation coverage– “And who presents Charles to be king?” (cut to NFL) “The Pittsburgh Steelers chose Broderick Jones – Offensive Tackle in Round 1 and here’s why.”

What are your suggestions on making the coronation “Pittsburgh friendly?”

  • SinBinKreations
  • dryer vent Wizard

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