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What Aggravates Me John Knight

How It Is

Welcome to our regular Saturday feature “What Aggravates Me”

Let me apologize in advance for writing about this campaign two weeks in a row. It’s just that we had the Democrats putting up their circus tents across the state this past week. Before the trucks even rolled into Philadelphia, there was already controversy. The DNC chairwoman had to step down because of the release of hacked e-mails. Apparently Bernie Sanders never had a chance. The fix was in for Hillary all along.

Many years ago, before I was living there, I was flown into Hollywood to do the show “Star Search.” I had tried to get on the show a few years earlier and got turned down. I had given up on doing the show and wasn’t really auditioning when they saw me. They said they wanted me and I figured,

“What the hell.”

The phone rang in my hotel room the night before the taping. It was the producer, whom I had met at the rehearsal earlier that day. She said to me,

“We’re happy to have you on the show, but you know how it is.”

I really didn’t, but it began to sink in. I had met my opponent at the rehearsal as well. He was a nice guy, friendly guy…oh and also a black guy. “Star Search” had been on for a few years and hadn’t had a black winner yet. There is a need for diversity in Hollywood…except maybe at the Oscars. These shows do this all the time.

So I said to her,

“You’re telling me I’m going to lose?”

“You know how it is.”

So the next day at the taping, I lost by a quarter star to the eventual champion. It wasn’t that big a deal to me at the time. You know, being nothing more than a pawn in Hollywood’s game.

I wonder if Bernie Sanders knew he was being played. Apparently this is the year we have a woman for President. Even her opponent seems to be cooperating. Just when you think he can’t be any more insane…Let’s just say he doesn’t disappoint.

His latest was encouraging Russia to hack into and release the rest of the e-mails. A foreign country hacking into the former Secretary of State’s e-mails is espionage. Encouraging them to do so is treason. But nothing happened to Trump. He didn’t even lose ground in the polls. This guy has raised the bar on insanity to…well, an insane level. Let’s say you were purposely trying to lose an election. You probably wouldn’t say or do most of the things Trump has done because it would be too obvious. Yet, he could still win. I have to believe nobody is as surprised about this as the Donald himself. Oh, except maybe Hillary.

She has to be wondering how she is running neck and neck with a man that claims he’s going to have Mexico build a wall to keep themselves out of our country. Then he’s going to throw out eleven million illegal immigrants and ban all Muslims from entering the country. Oh, and he gets his military strategy from watching the shows.

This is just the short list. Yet nothing seems to matter. The crazier he gets the more his supporters get behind him. He could win in what was supposed to be a fixed election.

So Hillary may not be our first woman President. But don’t lose faith. After four years of Trump maybe we can elect one of the Kardashian’s or the woman formerly known as Bruce Jenner. I don’t know if that would count but,

“You know how it is.”

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