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YaJagoff Hotels

Today’s blog post by Rach who is getting pretty cranky at a hotel chain!

Playing hockey means spending money.  It is no secret that it is an expensive sport from gear to ice time.  But suck it up cupcake, as a parent, I am aware of this price tag prior to the commitment.  What I was NOT ready for is the unexpected hotel fees, or in the case of SOME HOTELS, a hotel incidental fee for NOTHING–BUT an incidental hold for almost $200 for 10 days occurs.  Wut? 

So, this hotel chain claims to be “Hugely Different” than others.  Let’s see, there is a convenient store, gathering spaces—even happy hours that are “free,” and they tout the whole pet-friendly thing.  I call BS.  There must be hidden fees because we are still waiting on our incidental hold fee to be lifted…hmmmm, maybe we footed the bill for someone’s latest mingle mixer?  How sweet of us. 

As if it was not bad enough that money is being held for NO REASON, when you call to simply discuss it, Tara or Tina at the front desk who has the irritating “protocol” voice wants to tell you how sorry she is but will gladly pass along the frustration to the GM.  In case you didn’t know, protocol voice is that part yawn, part reading from a script with that flippant, drawn out vowel sorryyyyyyyyyyyy.  UGGGH!  Spare me Tina/Tara! 

After a few days when your hockey mom friends are sick of hearing the scenario, you call the GM for hope that he will miraculously have more customer service, place a wand on your bank account and make the incidental hold disappear—along with the protocol.  Ain’t happening….after all, the GM is the protocol enforcer. The Proto-COLonel perhaps.   

So, hopefully Chad’s bach pre-game was fun and I am sure Leah’s single mingle went off without a hitch—and for free according to this STAY location.  Or maybe the 10-day and counting hold on my bank account is the real funder, ya jagoff! 

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