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Horrible Thief Disguise – Like REAL Bad

Dumb Criminals the Pittsburgh Podcast Jagoff

Love us some dumb criminals!!!  My man!!

Soooo many things to think of about this ALLEGED event. See story on

Once gain, is this one of the worst disguises you’ve ever seen?  Or is this just that new STATUE UBER services that takes religious statues out to see the town or to get their nails down.  Mother Mary doesn’t seem to be the kind that gets fussy over her nails.!

Also, how long does it take for people to realize that there are CAMERAS… things that take video and photographs….ALL OVER THE PLACE?

And this guy… ALEGEDLY stole a Mother Mary statue …with no disguise whatsoever!!

Sometimes burglars get caught by doing something stupid like leaving a cell phone at the scene, using personalized stationary for the “stick-up” note, or leaving some kind of DNA at the scene.  This guy?  He’s proud of his work!

Given lack of any type of disguise, getting caught was inevitable. We know that this was in the Erie, PA area but we think our premise still holds true…at least put on a Steelers ballcap and jacket or team jersey so that you have a chance to blend in with at least half of the local population on any given day, Ya Jagoff!.

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