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Homemade Ravioli: An Easter Tradition

My mom and I start having the “rav conversation” about two weeks before Easter.

That convo is simply a question, when are we making the ravs? This year was no different.

The next question is how will the dough turn out?

Too thin dough has to get made into pasta or linguini because the texture won’t stand the filling…of ricotta and ground meat and amazing Italian cheeses, of course. Only one batch of dough bit the dust, but cousin Lisa saved the day with her Marie-like ways making the perf dough.

I was on cut and stuff duty, while our dear friend Connie helped my mom seal them with a fork.

The keys to our success? No measuring!

Make the ravs, as my Italian nona would say….as you are, big, small, short, tiny, thick. We got just under 9 dozen!

Buon Pasquale!

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