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He Tried to Steal, Allegedly, a 2,OOO Lb Bell

stolen bell Matthew Pistelli,

We know that some ALLEGED criminals are so smart and, you think to yourself, if they would just use that brain power to help cure cancer or invent something fantastic.  And then.. there are the criminals that get posted here.

About 3 weeks ago, a 2K pound bronze bell was stolen from a Squirrel Hill cemetery. Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Police arrested a man who ALLEGEDLY stole the thing and then left it lay in another part of the City.  Rumor has it that he stole a forklift from a local Giant Eagle to move the bell. See full story on KDKA-TV.

Here’s where the jagoffery comes in: What’s the goal in stealing a 2k lb. bell?  Cleaning it up and putting on a well-built mantle?  Offering to donate it to a local historical society?  Melting it down?

We think that you may have forgotten to ask yourself one question before grabbing that bell… what in THEEEEEEEE HELL do you do with a 2k lb. bell once you have it and it makes the news, YaJagoff?



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