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Hang-up at the Gas Pump

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Sure, it may seem like we’re whining or being picky but, this little thing on the self-serve gas pump is a pain in the $%@#!  You might say, “Are you for real?”  Well, here’s the deal.

It seems like this happens every time I go for gas:

Pull up to tank.

Do whatever is needed to input payment method.

Input loyalty account info.

Answer 27 question about what else I want like a car wash, etc.

When I finally get to the point where I can “Lift Nozzle,” I lift it, pull the hose to put the nozzle into my gas tank opening and… BOOM… this little thingy shows its stuff…. the hose catches on this little thing. URGH….caught again!  So now I jiggle the hose to get it off of the hook.

Right… there’s a lot going on in this world that is way more important than this little gas pump thingy but…when some engineer isn’t busy, can ya please fix the functionality of the self-serve pump… Ya Jagoffs?

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