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Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar

Everything at Guy Fieri’s is just, well, GUYnormous. Had to!  The portions are bigger, but it’s also the presentation.  We pre-gamed their very first Valentine-themed couples cooking event where jagoff viewers voted their “Fave GUY” to attend.  Oh, we will be back since Guy Fieri’s Kitchen + Bar in Greensburg at Live! Casino plans to host more of these scrumptious opps.   

John had what he calls the best queso everrrrrrr…and he is a queso craver. For Rach, the hummus and pickles…yes you read that right and the pita triangles were hardy but not heavy. 

We watched the couples get their instructions to make a spicy chicken alfredo thanks to Chef John.   

Perfectly portioned and prepped for the beginner or experienced culinary GUY or gal, Chef John went through each step from parm cheese, garlic, butter, seasonings and chicken ready for two. 

Shaken to coat the chicken and add a lil spice, the team went through each step over the low burner at each participant station.  

Voila!  The magic of Guy Fieri (make sure you say it right) helped us savor a plate onsite but the recipe and experience was ours to keep.  


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