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Grocery Store Grocery Nibbler …and Nose Blower

Pittsburgh Jagoff blog

Well, this one’s not easy to write about.  This guy, Ryan Fredericks went through a North Apollo grocery store taking bites of stuff and then putting it back.

“he was seen going up and down the aisles at Held’s Shop ‘n Save, taking bites out of food before returning them to the shelves.” See article

But wait!  It gets better.. or WORSER.. depending on how you see things.

“He also was spotted opening a box of facial tissues, blowing his nose and returning the used tissue to the box, police said.”

Ohhhhh… YUCK!

Of course we realize nobody would purchase a box of open tissues, OR FOOD for that matter, but, this dude was dropping crumbs and snot drippings around the store that someone had to clean up!

Ry-ry, we know people get the munchies when they grocery shop! That’s why we don’t even shop in the Oreo aisle since it comes right after the milk aisle! We’d probs be dunking in the solo cup aisle but seems like you took this to another level.  Well, the good news is, you didn’t get to the personal wipes and toilet paper aisle. Enjoy the “free snacks” in jail.. YaJagoff!


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