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How About Them Apples?

YaJagoff Chivalry

Easiest synopsis of a story everrrrrrr: The Covid masks may be coming off, but hands over mouths in sheer yinzer shock will replace them. All because of food inflation.  Oh my GAWD!

I started reading a few news updates about restaurants like Chipotle raising prices to accommodate its staff pay increases. Typical yinzer Rach was like well we are not eating out because it is expensive enough for five, and then reality hit that it is helping the work force.  So I said to myself, suck it up cupcake. But then the increase hit grocery stores. Whaaaaaat!

I read the percentages. At least a 4% overall hike in groceries. Hmmmmm ok not ridiculous but an increase. Then a guy said the national average increase for meat was 10% YIKES, and he followed with nuuuuh uuuuuh, easily 20-25% is more like it.  When my oldest eats filet mignon by the package, my first instinct was hamburger helper hellllpppppp!

Not sure what is worse the fact that each yinzer interviewed had a different example of grocers grief, or the annoyance that this inflation is only the beginning.  Someone referenced that two apples were over $2, luckily the Snickers at the cash wrap are on sale 2 f or $2. Jokes yinzers, price compare and ride the storm, this too shall pass.  And don’t cry over inflated milk, ya jagoff!


Thanks to KDKA for the full story:

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