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Grief, Support, and Laughter: Join the Merry Widows for a Meet and Greef on June 28th

Instead of where ya at, how abaht where do you wanna be on June 28? Our answer is the Meet and Greef, yep greeF, with the Merries. 

The Merries are a long-standing group of friends who originally met at church by volunteering at the food bank, who came together and grew closer after their partners passed away.  The Merries learned that they could count on their friends to help them through grieving their loss and that moving forward was an ongoing journey.  

Sprinkling their trademarked “merry” dark humor throughout more serious conversations brings a breath of levity to a topic that the Merry Widows refuse to keep them gloomy. Mix that with their natural chemistry on the mic, a healthy diet of home cooking and traveling, and behold the merries. 

Now the Merry Widows are inviting community members to learn more about how they grieve, and learn how they can help others through their own grief. The meet and greet will be on June 28 at Papa J’s in the Strip District and will be the first in their series that the group hopes to host quarterly.  

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