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Gracefully Executed, or Sprezzatura Ya Jagoff!  

Keeping with the excitement of the first Ya Jagoff HOLLA-Day gift guide, we must admit that the podcast community is pretty excited to eat, well and promote, Sprezzatura. 

The philosophy of Sprezzatura is that food is love. Food and hospitality are the source of belonging, nourishment, growth, and community. Everyone is welcome to the table. Sprezzatura located the catering and cafe business in the former Moose Lodge in Millvale as an expression of these core beliefs. Together with New Sun Rising, 412 Food Rescue, and community partners, Sprezzatura wants to make a contribution to the neighborhood, participating in community life, and supporting Millvale’s sustainability as a vital, strong community.

The yummy part of Sprezzatura creates and serves heritage-inspired cooking for events, especially at HOLLADay time! It is the customized, Italian and Italian-American menus made with fresh ingredients, and locally sourced, that keep the promise of quality to customers, as well as a commitment to sustainable business practices.

So don’t get annoyed and yell at the driving jagoffs this holiday.  Stay in, talk to Jen at Sprezzatura and cater your holiday events…or even meals.  Plus, you will be shopping small and local.  Oh, and avoiding holiday drivers, ya jagoff.  Wait did I say that? 

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