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Good L’Oven Cookie Shop

Have you ever had a smell catch your attention so strongly you’re flooded with nostalgia galore? Wrapped up and enveloped in a memory that only a specific scent could return you too? Well, I welcome you to Good L’Oven Cookie Shop in Bellevue. If being a child and baking with your grandmother could be sold in a jar, Good L’Oven owner Deanna Soost would have a monopoly. The buttery scents of cookie dough crossed with the aroma of fresh baked goods takes you back to a time of being knee-high in the kitchen covered in flour from head to toe. 

With cookies the size of frisbees and granola bars the Pirates could use for batting practice, Good L’Oven has become a staple for anything sweet, anytime of the day. With a second location in Ross, Soost has grown her brand from selling cookies at local farmer markets to owning two storefront with a possible third in mind.  

Besides the heavenly smells lingering around the store, family is what seems to attract people as well. A family business top-to-bottom, with her daughter and husband in tow, Soost has created a brand and identity that doesn’t feel like only a cookie shop. They’re involved in the community, growing as a brand, and did we mention they ship nationwide? So need a perfect gift for this upcoming valentines day? A dozen cookies made with love (literally) seems like the perfect gift if we asked John. 

So even if your sweet tooth is satisfied, Deanna has expanded her shop to include breakfast and lunch items as well so there is something for everybody! We highly recommend The Godfather with extra spicy mayo and onions! So if you’re north of the city, stop by, or decide to take a trip and see what you have been missing out on this entire time. WE PROMISE this place will not disappoint, and when you fall in love with the shop from top to bottom just like John and I did, you will be wondering why you didn’t decide to stop in sooner! 

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