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Get Gas and Then Get Out!

Jagoff Blog Self Sere

As you can see, this local gas establishment is busy.  What you don’t see is that every pump is taken with a couple of cars waiting. Meantime, this driver of this car left their car sit next to a pump while they went in to use the bathroom OR take advantage of the “12 hot dogs, drink and a bag of chips for 9-cents” special.

If you need to take a leak, take a peak, get a lottery card, grab a Ding-Dong and a coffee or get the Instant-Laxative Hot Dog Special, move your vehicle (please), Ya Jagoff!!

Author’s Note:  We suggest you pull your car over by the sometimes-working car vacuum.  That way, if it IS working, we can POTENTIALLY have another Gasoline Station Jagoff post when someone rolls in to clean out their car right before they go pick up their boss for a ride-a-long and YOU’RE IN THE WAY!

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