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Gas Pump Blocker

Jagoff Blog Pittsburgh Podcast

Oh man does this tick me off!

There’s a driver sitting in that car that is NOT getting gas!

People that need gas, a last minute lottery ticket, a breakfast sandwich, pop for the office party, a doughnut and a pack of chew.  The problem comes in when you get the Jagoffs that need all of those things, pull in to get gas and then leave their vehicle at the gas pump while they go inside and spend more time picking out a doughnut species than they do in the mall, the 3rd week of December, picking out a Christmas gift for the significant other of one month.

But this guy… just sitting in his car!

Oh…take your time…I’ll just wait here in the middle of the jammed up chaos while you check your emails, texts or catch up on TikTok.

If you’re waiting for your passenger to pay cash inside OR if you already got gas…. MOVE YOUR CAR…Ya Jagoff!

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