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Fight at Steelers Game – Bad Adults

Fight at steelers game jagoffs

Ok, if you haven’t seen this yet, click HERE to play the video of al fight that took place in the stands at Saturday’s Steelers vs Lions game.  It’s a PROUD moment for the FIRST HOME GAME of this season/pre-season.

In the video, you see woman arguing with a gentleman in the stands. She then appears to slap him in his face and, well, smart phones turn on and adults become… well.. wait, we will get to that in a sec.

Hey all in the video, nice work preparing your kids on how to handle themselves in life.  Fist-fights solve EVERYTHING in the world!

And, EVEN MORE, to the people writing the “hey neighbor hi ya doins” at each other on the social media comments vs. letting this issue die,  we just say, “Don’t you have cable to entertain you?”  (We might recommend watching the 700 Club.)

To all of you involved in this ordeal that made national “embarrassing” news, NICE WORK reppin’ the rest of us adults.  This is game 1 in Pittsburgh, not even the real season, and look how you’re behaving. Stay home and drink if you can’t be responsible adults,  YA JAGOFFS!!!

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