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EXCLUSIVE: John and Rachael Interview the Coronavirus

Coronavirus YaJAgoff Podcast

If we could land ONE interview—the mother of all possibilities, John used to say Sir Elton and Rachael George W. OR Zac Brown, and then Corona hit.  Hands down that son-of-a-B is the jackpot.  Please keep in mind, the interview happened BEFORE the social distancing rule was put into place. 

The ball of no fun did NOT have much to answer.  We expected it, but still fired away.  The Q&A sounded like this: 


Rach:      When this started were you travel deprived?  

CV:          No comment. 

John:       Did you want to have the same name as a beer? 

CV:          You think I haven’t been asked that before? Google it! 

Rach:      As kind of a follow-up to that, did you expect to be in the news non-stop? 

CV:          No comment. 

John:       Did you know a drinking game has been created about how often we use or HEAR the word 


CV:           You guys first timers at this interview thing? 

Rach:       Thoughts on the new elbow greeting vs. The old handshake? 

CV:          No comment.. Wait.. You do you bro! 

John:        Are you a Clorox or Lysol type? 

CV:           No comment. 

Rach:        Never thought our inner elbows would be our new cough and sneeze catch all, huh? 

CV:            No comment. 

Rach:        Did you think even Scott TP would be off the shelves? 

CV:            That trend even confuses ME! I have nothing to do with G.I. distress.  

John:        Do you think you are winning?  Naw, Mr. C. We got this! You are in Pittsburgh now, Ya Jagoff!   

CV:           No comment (left the room—John and Rach toe tap then follow up with an elbow bump—the Corona Virus celebration of all celebrations!) 

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