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The Dump Truck That Couldn’t

Remember the little engine that could? I think I can I think I can? Well this bad boy is the furthest from it.  Rather, this is the truck that just could not…dump its waste that is.

Let’s not pretend that I couldn’t win big bucks if I played Let’s Make a Deal with the contents in my Pilot.  Ask me for an empty cello bag, missing ear buds or the ever-popular Sheetz bag and I can easily cough ’em up. But the good news is I can see out of the back window.

While I can’t identify each piece of debris in this back window, I couldn’t help but notice my man is parked in a handicapped spot.  And while I mind my own, I can’t help but wonder if a placard is hanging in the cab. Inquiring minds wanna know, also known as nebsters.

Nonetheless, at least the bed of the truck is close to empty, or at least ready for some debris overload. Depends on how ya look at it, is the truck half full of debris or half empty, ya jagoff!

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