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Dumb Thief Jagoffery – Don’t Do It in the Snow

Dumb Criminal Jagoffs Blog

Well, seems like if you are going to ALLEGEDLY start stealing stuff, you should probably find a way to exit the crime scene.  These days, its hard to NOT leave DNA or some knuckleheads drop a phone or a wallet but.. this one well….

The news story on KDKA-TV was this:

A burglary suspect was arrested after state police in Indiana County said he left a trail of footprints in the snow, leading troopers to him. Troopers followed the suspect’s footprints in the snow to nearby railroad tracks and a wooded area. 

Gage E…. you couldn’t have picked a non-snowy day for your caper?  You’re like the peeps that have to go out and get snow tires, milk and toilet paper… shoulda done it BEFORE the snow, Ya Jagoff!

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