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Drop the [podcast] mic: Liveburgh Studio

Listening to local paves way for a great, groovy time at Liveburgh Studio located on Middle Road, Glenshaw, PA. In fact, the intimate music scene here encapsulates the eyes and ears right from one living room. The owner of the house and recording studio, Chris Leya, has built a network of music glory and madness inside these walls of music fame at Liveburgh Studio.

Image via Liveburgh Studio, Instagram

At a first glance, Liveburgh Studio seems like a music hoarder’s dream, but as time goes on, you tend to notice more compelling, intricate details of the room, marked with prominence and music greatness of past performances. The living room studio serves as a harmonious haven in the suburbs of Pittsburgh for local/traveling bands to practice, record, live, hang out, network, and enjoy music. The grit and glamour includes a chandelier of broken guitar strings and lost sunglasses to countless autographs sharpied on the walls, posters, photographs, and more. There are a lot of details to spark a conversation as the curiosity becomes a fascination.

Image via Colin Parrish, YaJagoff Media

Liveburgh Studio started by moving and making room for music equipment of Leya’s sons after buying the next-door neighbor’s house. From there, music manifested its way into shows and birthed the space, welcoming local and out-of-towner bands to crash and relax.

The house has three bedrooms, two baths, a fully equipped kitchen, a basement bar/game room, a large back porch, yard with leisure props including basketballs and bicycles. The multi-faceted space is within one mile of Hartwood Acres Park with access to hiking, biking, and walking trails.

Leya hosts shows all year round and is rallying back in full force with new show lineups after the pandemic. From outside shows in the summertime to fall fests, the first show of 2022 was recently held in the living room featuring the Derty Windoze and The Living Street band, who was notably named WYEP’s band of the year.

Image via Liveburgh Studio, Facebook

All are welcome at each show as the studio expands Pittsburgh’s music footprint into the suburbs. Each house show works on an honors system with a Kentucky Fried Chicken bucket being passed around for donations throughout the evening. Just BYOB and show up thanks to the hospitality and gracious homeowner who extends his passion for all to enjoy. 

Images via Liveburgh Studio, Instagram

Be sure to follow Liveburgh Studio on Facebook and Instagram to come to an upcoming show, and bands can contact Leya for booking inquiries by (412) 726-2563 or email at

Learn more about Liveburgh Studio’s story by listening to the YaJagoff! Podcast: Live Burgh is No Dive, Pittsburgh. 



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