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Driving Cell Phone Users

YaJagoff Drivers on Cell phones

So I’m driving on I-279 toward the city.  Traffic is slow in the fast lane!  Is it a bus, is it some kind of tractor in the fast lane holding us up?  NOPE.

It’s THIS guy driving in the fast lane at 40mph just yick-yakin’ away with his hands going faster than he’s driving!!!!

Hey, I use my cell phone CONSTANTLY while I’m driving.  Sometimes even to take pictures (example here).  But one thing I can say is that I DON’T lose consciousness while I’m on the cell phone.

Big guy, if ya can’t WALK AND CHEW GUM at the same time, ain’t  no way your gonna accomplish driving and talking at the same time.  Unless yer last name is “Passing,” this lane ain’t yours so either get outta the way or go get yourself an Ohio license plate which would make driving slow in the fast line LEGAL , YA JAGOFF!

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